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Rain Garden Nursery and High Tech Turf & Trees

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We Grow and sell High Quality Nursery Stock for Rain Gardens and 
Naturalized Landscapes of All Types, including Theme Gardens

Licensed Nurserymen and Landscape Contractors - qualified to meet your needs
Oregon #9224 Washington #HighTTT881QO

We design Rain Gardens and landscapes of all types.  We'll help you reach your goals. Water-wise drip irrigation and lawn renovation. Permeable pavers for walkway water issues.  With many years experience as nurserymen, landscape contractors, in Golf Course Renovation and Maintenance, we are uniquely qualified & equipped for your landscape project.  

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Rugosa Rose Hips: edible "Sea Tomato". Many varieties of wild & Rugosa rose 
with various colors of fruit & blooms. Using native plants cuts down on water
usage & time maintaining the area.  These plants also attract birds, bees, butterflies,
and hummingbirds to gardens.  And the Fall fruit tastes fabulous!  Add to breads, etc.. 
Wonderful for Rain Gardens & NatureScaping and Revival Cottage Gardens &
 modern sites too!

​Landscapes should be Fun!  We grow plants for Theme Gardens of all types.  Revival
 Cottage Gardens with ornamental-edible plants also include multi-purpose Native Plants.
These & others include customized hybrid gardens from Prairie-Ornamental Grass-
Wildflower themes, to Romance-Shakespearean-Rose Themes, to Therapy-Fragrance 
Gardens & so Much More! Adventure Gardens can be Fun for both seniors & children.  
Call or email today for ideas....

BEFORE PHOTO: This owner anticipated removing tree stumps to plant a lawn. 
AFTER: we consulted & kept tree stumps and exposed roots.  Dug out an Island 
Rain Garden and  planted all Natives to Re-Naturalize the site. New Rain Garden 
Island with creek surrounds  drains the area beautifully, re-integrating the area into 
natural surrounds. Owners are ecstatic  & now use natural garden for Weddings & 
Receptions.  No One Ever realizes this wasn't the  original native setting! 

B​io-swale and modified rain gardens for areas that have heavy rain & drainage issues.  
These stone areas will direct rain to catch basins lined with rain garden plantings that filter 
water draining back into the water table.  Water-wise use plants don't require summer 
H2O.  ​A view of the Xeripaver walkway that leads to a water - overflow stone parking 
strip. These areas were waterlogged lawn. Now raised beds, plantings and trees can 
survive with proper drainage. 

By analyzing your site carefully you'd be surprised how we can recycle your already
 available materials to save you money & time.  We frequently transplant local ferns, 
Oregon Grape, Snowberry, wild roses, Vine Maple & more.  Much of the  rock &
 boulders we use are already on-site.  Even recycled broken up walkways can 
be used as base-stone savings w retainer walls.

​​Licensed, Bonded and Insured in Oregon #9224 Washington #HighTTT881QO


 Phones 971-227-0541 & 360 662 6619 

email:    Raingardennursery@gmail.com

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